Campanile Village builds on the geometry of the Kessler Campanile. The seats are land that can be plowed on a mountain side. The stairs are a border between the two nations. Originally, the pool with the waterfall was going to be for the Sea people, but that idea was scratched. In further expansions, the pool could be a place where people can fish for seafood or trade with a distant nation.

The application is a spin-off from several existing games and applications listed below.

1. Pocket God iPhone application contributed the villagers and interaction people may have wanted: example vid

2. Black and White game contributed the idea of making the user god-like in the Campanile Village and having the villagers give praise/worship to the user: example vid

3. Other ideas taken into the brainstorming process: Virtual Villagers, Harvest Moon, and Farmville.

Energy and You

“Hey Matt, I know that this little lightning bolt here is supposed to be energy of some kind, but I’m confused!”

Not anymore.

Here’s how it works: That lightning bolt in your upper right corner is essentially a meter, like the battery meter of your phone or laptop. It tells you how much God energy you have left. As you use God energy, the circle around the bolt changes color from green to yellow to orange and finally to red, which means you have no energy.

“But how do I spend this God energy, and on what?”

You’ll be using God energy any time you place an object from the library bar, on the top left of your screen, into the environment. You can move people around inside the environment, and give them orders, but that doesn’t take God energy.

“Alright, so I used all of my God energy and it was fun for ten seconds, but now it’s gone. How do I get more?”

Good news! God energy, unlike fossil fuel, is a renewable resource. If you wait around for a while it’ll slowly recharge on its own, but positive results from your efforts on behalf of your villagers will also recharge you with praise! Neat, huh?


My interview regarding our progress was conducted with a fellow student who uses the campanile and was familiar with the concepts of use case and scenario though his CS major.

As he reviewed the use case and scenario, he asked several questions that may help direct our refinement of the experience. He was confused by the term ‘zone alert’ which was simply the indicator which displays which zone you are currently in. Also, though he saw that placing new things in the environment took energy, he was unsure as to whether or not picking up characters or directing them also took energy, I explained that it did not. He stated that he was very much looking forward to picking people up and throwing them arbitrarily. This isn’t something I would think to do, but it should be possible if you like that sort of thing.

There seems to be a bit of confusion between us as to how energy works, we need to be sure to standardize all of our descriptions of it.

My Interview

Non-3710 Interview

  • Didn’t like the idea of downloading things to phone
  • Didn’t quite understand how the different groups interacted with each other since there are boundaries between them
  • Wanted to be able to battle it out like a RTS with friends playing the other groups

Ideas and Reflections

  1. With natural land boundaries like we have them I think as a player plays the game they can give different transportation items that allow the villagers to cross over these boundaries on their own, without the player having to drop them over them.
  2. RTS style play could be a option for friends in the future development but right now it is a little to hard to implement.


3710-classmate interview

  • Thumbs up on the screen shots
  • What is it that makes it specific to this space?
  • Include more features
  • How can you help your people other than that one cow thing?
  • What else can you provide them with?
  • Can you hurt the other villagers?
  • Can I help my village battle your village in real-time?

Non-3710 interview

  • time factor is annoying
  • “like a facebook game, not really fun but addicting because you get to do stuff over and over again”

3710-classmate interview

  • explain the mountain between the red and blue zone better
  • explain the lightning bolt – what it represents
  • maybe have a mode that controls a nation’s tendency to fight (easy vs hard mode)

Ideas and reflection:

  • Make it more apparent how the user can help a village. Make the affordances of the game more clear.
  • Include that the geometry of the campanile makes this application specific to the space. Point out the seats as mountains and the pool as a sea.
  • For the little building, drag and drop them for villagers start building it. But in god mode, drag and drop will be an instant built hut.
  • Perhaps get rid of the Sea People, as it may be annoying to point the phone sideways for Red and Blue Zone.


thumbs up on the screen shots
what is it that makes it specific to this space? the geometry of the campanile i guess – the seats as mountains and the pool as a sea
include more features
how can you help your people other than that one cow thing?
what else can you provide them with?
can you hurt the other villagers?
can i help my village battleyour village in realtime?


little buildings – drag and drop, then villagers start building it
god mode: drag and drop to instant built hut

time factor = annoying
“like a facebook game, not really fun but addicting because you get to do stuff over and over again”

Basic UI Layout

I’ve been working on a basic idea of our user interface and the results are in. The interaction is pretty simple, with your ‘cursor’ being your finger.The bar at the top will change color depending on which zone you are currently in or viewing, right now we’re sitting in the blue zone and looking around us so the bar is blue with the text “Blue Zone”. There are three icons, the folder icon is your library which opens on a single tap to show you the people and objets you can place in the environment, by dragging and dropping. Placing things in the world uses energy, which is the lighting bolt at the right side of the menu. The circle around the lighting bolt will go from green to red as you use energy, and slowly regenerates over time. Last, the info icon is the help menu which will have basic rules and controls. You will also be able to flip the phone into portrait mode and the menu will stay at the top of the screen, which will look something like this:

I am currently working on a video which will explain all of this, and will be part of our presentation.

Use Case

  1. Enter campanile
  2. See “village” sign
  3. take out phone
  4. download app
  5. sit or stand in RFID zone
  6. start up app

From start up menu

  1. Start new game
  2. point phone camera at a zone
  3. Alert of Current Zone shown
  4. User pulls out stylus
  5. In game
    1. Press Help button

      1. Exit help
    2. Press Item Library button (This requires energy to be any level above red, check top right of your screen)

      1. User selects a person from library
        1. Drags person object around
        2. Drops person object
        3. Energy level decreases by one (green to yellow)
      2. User selects inanimate object (ie: hut, boat)
        1. Drags inanimate object around
        2. Drops inanimate object
        3. This interaction wasn’t from the library, so it didn’t use energy.
      3. User selects animal or crop from library
        1. Drags around
        2. Drops animal/crop
        3. Thunderbolt status drops to orange
    3. Select a on-screen person
      1. Drag/drop
    4. Select a on screen inanimate object
      1. Drag/drop
    5. Select a on screen food
      1. Drag/drop
    6. Close App
  6. Leave Campanile

In text form, it would read something like this:

Entering the campanile you see the game sign, which prompts you to use your phone and download the app from the website listed.

Starting the app and taking a seat anywhere in the campanile should allow it to determine your location using RFIDs placed around the area.

Using this location and the internal compass, the current Zone is determined based on where the user is facing. This Zone is shown as a labeled and colored bar on the top of the screen which can be either red or blue.

With a stylus or finger the user can press 2 buttons located on the zone toolbar, the help button and the library button. Also on the toolbar is a God power indicator that changes color to depict how much energy is left.

Pressing the help button shows the menu screen, including the basic instructions and the exit.

Pressing the library button creates a drop down menu of all the items the user is allowed to place into the game.

During normal play the God power indicator can move between green and red relative to the amount of items you place in the world and how much the people praise you, Green is full and red is empty.

The user can move or place objects and people any where in the game space with his finger or stylus.