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My Interview

Non-3710 Interview

  • Didn’t like the idea of downloading things to phone
  • Didn’t quite understand how the different groups interacted with each other since there are boundaries between them
  • Wanted to be able to battle it out like a RTS with friends playing the other groups

Ideas and Reflections

  1. With natural land boundaries like we have them I think as a player plays the game they can give different transportation items that allow the villagers to cross over these boundaries on their own, without the player having to drop them over them.
  2. RTS style play could be a option for friends in the future development but right now it is a little to hard to implement.

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Use Case

  1. Enter campanile
  2. See “village” sign
  3. take out phone
  4. download app
  5. sit or stand in RFID zone
  6. start up app

From start up menu

  1. Start new game
  2. point phone camera at a zone
  3. Alert of Current Zone shown
  4. User pulls out stylus
  5. In game
    1. Press Help button

      1. Exit help
    2. Press Item Library button (This requires energy to be any level above red, check top right of your screen)

      1. User selects a person from library
        1. Drags person object around
        2. Drops person object
        3. Energy level decreases by one (green to yellow)
      2. User selects inanimate object (ie: hut, boat)
        1. Drags inanimate object around
        2. Drops inanimate object
        3. This interaction wasn’t from the library, so it didn’t use energy.
      3. User selects animal or crop from library
        1. Drags around
        2. Drops animal/crop
        3. Thunderbolt status drops to orange
    3. Select a on-screen person
      1. Drag/drop
    4. Select a on screen inanimate object
      1. Drag/drop
    5. Select a on screen food
      1. Drag/drop
    6. Close App
  6. Leave Campanile

In text form, it would read something like this:

Entering the campanile you see the game sign, which prompts you to use your phone and download the app from the website listed.

Starting the app and taking a seat anywhere in the campanile should allow it to determine your location using RFIDs placed around the area.

Using this location and the internal compass, the current Zone is determined based on where the user is facing. This Zone is shown as a labeled and colored bar on the top of the screen which can be either red or blue.

With a stylus or finger the user can press 2 buttons located on the zone toolbar, the help button and the library button. Also on the toolbar is a God power indicator that changes color to depict how much energy is left.

Pressing the help button shows the menu screen, including the basic instructions and the exit.

Pressing the library button creates a drop down menu of all the items the user is allowed to place into the game.

During normal play the God power indicator can move between green and red relative to the amount of items you place in the world and how much the people praise you, Green is full and red is empty.

The user can move or place objects and people any where in the game space with his finger or stylus.

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  • Objects were evenly distributed over the 3 areas
  • 2 out of 3 people keep all the blue people on the blue side, red people on the red side, and water people in the water
  • animals, building, and plants were equally distributed to each group

Alteration to the design

All in all I think the design is good but we have to make sure that the nature of the people of this experience is clear and always a focus in the users mind. So one way to do this is to have frequent random encounters between the different groups where they show aggression or dislike to the other group. They would only occur when the player is looking at a particular side so that the user remembers these interactions.

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Creates a village, Oversees the factions
by micromanaging certain individual villagers
using the stylus or finger and leading them to resources and activities

Play God:
Encourage/Discourage war between the factions
Add/remove villagers

Have fun:
Go fishing
Plant crops

Cell phone
RFID antennas

How do we get people to pull their phone out?
A sign inviting people to: “Help the little people by pulling your phone out.”
The sign will have an image of a cute villager. Underneath, website link for new users.

One cell phone user

Sit or stand near one of the RFID antennas
Use stylus on phone’s screen to move, select objects

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Image depicting various paths described in the Results section:

Campanile Map

We observed a limited number of popular paths that people used. The most common path is one where people cut through the Campanile through the stairs then down and out by stage right. Similarly, many people enter the Campanile through stage right and go up the stairs to exit. Additionally, we observed more people enter the seats from the top of the Campanile than those who come from the bottom. There seems to be no specified popular path when leaving the top way, except the most linear path from where they sat and the top.

We cannot specify an unused path, but we did observe people favoring to sit in the green area marked in the above map. Contrastingly, not as many people sat in the blue area. Very few people sat on the very first step and aside from photography or film purposes; rarely did anyone go up to the actual waterfall pool area. There was no apparent distinction between individuals and groups in selecting a spot to sit down at – personal space dictated that.

Use this information to identify what may be the best hot-spots for your design concept. Where might you put the marker(s) and how do you expect people to navigate your installation?

If we consider the idea that a person will need to look at the stairs or water to see the images, then we are going to need to use the distinct terrain of the campanile as a marker or have marker on them. A person would also have to stand at an optimal spot that will most likely be in the walkway, which could block traffic. Also standing for long periods of time strains the body so most people would not want to stand and the optimal spot would need to have a designated chair. We also considered the idea that a person could sit down in a section (there will still be an optimal spot) then look across to the opposite section and play that way. This is good because they don’t have to stand or be in the way of traffic. However if they want to look at the side they are sitting on they have to get up and move which could become tiresome.  The last idea we discussed was that we have RFID tags around he sitting area and a camera on the spiral. When a person sat down to play near a RFID tag their phone would recognize it and show them a live video feed of the campanile based on there position and superimpose the images onto that feed. This is good because no matter where you are you can get a nice view of the space. The problem with this one is that the video feeds quality may not be very good, more than one camera may be needed, and the cameras would need to be high so that they are safe and secure which would mean the view changes the feel of the game.

Since people go to the campanile to relax outdoors it is important to make sure that our experience promotes relaxation as much as possible so standing and moving around don’t fit into that ideal. Therefore we wish people using our space to be able to sit at all times and not be forced into a crowded area (some amount of freedom to choose). The best spot will probably be the bottom step since it is relatively unused and has the best view of the water.

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Group Pic

Here’s a group pic

MaZaJ at the campanile

and a pic of a bird I took while enjoying the weather. He ate all the orange cheez-it-like crumbs on the ground.


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Inspiration, we got it.

So for this project I got some inspiration for many sources but the 3 that stood out the most were:

  1. ARhrrrr! by the Georgia Tech Augmented Environments Lab. ARhrrrr! is a hand-held AR experience were the user shoots zombies to save citizens, while also trying not to die yourself. Check it out here.
  2. Family Slot Car Racing for the Wii, for this I didn’t just look at the game as inspiration but the entire concept of it as a hobby, competition, and a game. The Wii just has a good abstraction of the physical act of playing with a slot car track and cars.9001599MH000143_b_big_9001599MH000143
  3. The Eye of Judgment for the PlayStation 3 + the PlayStation Eye. These two together make up the experience of a card game that has monsters that erupt from the cards and visually fight each other.

Check out movie

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