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Energy and You

“Hey Matt, I know that this little lightning bolt here is supposed to be energy of some kind, but I’m confused!”

Not anymore.

Here’s how it works: That lightning bolt in your upper right corner is essentially a meter, like the battery meter of your phone or laptop. It tells you how much God energy you have left. As you use God energy, the circle around the bolt changes color from green to yellow to orange and finally to red, which means you have no energy.

“But how do I spend this God energy, and on what?”

You’ll be using God energy any time you place an object from the library bar, on the top left of your screen, into the environment. You can move people around inside the environment, and give them orders, but that doesn’t take God energy.

“Alright, so I used all of my God energy and it was fun for ten seconds, but now it’s gone. How do I get more?”

Good news! God energy, unlike fossil fuel, is a renewable resource. If you wait around for a while it’ll slowly recharge on its own, but positive results from your efforts on behalf of your villagers will also recharge you with praise! Neat, huh?

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