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Inspiration for Campanile Village

Campanile Village builds on the geometry of the Kessler Campanile. The seats are land that can be plowed on a mountain side. The stairs are a border between the two nations. Originally, the pool with the waterfall was going to be for the Sea people, but that idea was scratched. In further expansions, the pool could be a place where people can fish for seafood or trade with a distant nation.

The application is a spin-off from several existing games and applications listed below.

1. Pocket God iPhone application contributed the villagers and interaction people may have wanted: example vid

2. Black and White game contributed the idea of making the user god-like in the Campanile Village and having the villagers give praise/worship to the user: example vid

3. Other ideas taken into the brainstorming process: Virtual Villagers, Harvest Moon, and Farmville.

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